New Tokyo Bay - 2020 Tokyo Olympic Sites -


Tokyo is going to host the second Olympics in 2020. The first Tokyo Olympics were in 1964. Some old stadiums and gymnagiums are used again for 2020 and that area is called Heritage Zoen. For 2020, more venues will be added and the new area is called Bay Zone. In this tour, we will show you some new venues in Bay Zone. Not only Olympic sites, you will also see some new facilities like International Cruise Terminal which will open July, 2020.


Meeting at Kachidoki <MAP><pdf>
(9:30am OR 13:30pm)
Harumi Olympic Village (2020 site)
Toyosu Fish Market
Ariake Arena (2020 site)
Ariake Gymnastic Center (2020 site)
Ariake Tennis Forest (2020 site)
Gandum Statue
Tokyo International Cruise Terminal
Odaiba Marine Park (2020 site)
End in Odaiba Marine Park (12:30pm / 16:30pm)
Note: Visiting places may be omitted or replaced because of operational reason. The guide will explain in that case.

The Rainy day tour
- We conduct the tour by using public transportation and on foot on rainy days. We may omit or replace some places.


Departure: Please check the calendar
(Can be arranged by your request)
Time: 9:30am / 13:30pm
Duration: About 3 hours
Price: 7500 yen /person
Availability: 15 persons each tour
reservation: required

Included: Rental bike, Nationally lisenced English speaking guide, helmet (on request)